Dr. Cliff Cain
Dr. Cliff Cain
Title: Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Cliff Cain has served Westminster College for seven academic years and teaches courses in the areas of world religions, religion and ecology, contemporary religious thought, religion and science, Holocaust studies, death and dying, and the meaning of life. His current research examines the interface between world religions and environmental studies, scientific themes/issues and religious responses, and several ecologically-attuned figures in history such as St. Francis of Assisi, St. Hildegard of Bingen, the Japanese Zen Buddhist monk Ryokan, and Pope Francis.

The holder of a doctorate in theology and a doctorate in science, his graduate degrees are from Princeton Theological Seminary; the State University of Leiden in the Netherlands; Vanderbilt University; and Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan. He has also studied at the United States National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.; the University of the South in Tennessee; Christian Theological Seminary in Indiana; and Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in Kentucky.

He is the author of eight books, among them A User-friendly Universe? (2016); Re-Vision: A New Look at the Relationship between Science and Religion (2015); Many Heavens, One Earth (2012); Down to Earth: Religious Paths toward Custodianship of Nature (2010); and An Ecological Theology (2009). His new book on prayer, Rapport, will be coming out in the fall of 2017.

The father of two grown children, and the grandfather of one granddaughter, his hobbies include music (he plays in the Westminster College Blue Jay Band with students and staff); sports (he was an NCAA Coach of the Year earlier in his career); photography (he has displayed his work in several solo exhibits on- and off-campus); and travel (he has lived in several countries and has visited more than 40 others, sometimes taking WC students with him--most recently to Israel).

Dr. Cain is an ordained clergyman, with ministerial credentials recognized by the Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, and American Baptist traditions. In this capacity, he serves as Parish Associate: Theologian-in-Residence at First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Prior to coming to Westminster, he taught at Franklin College in Indiana, twice as Theologian-in-Residence at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and as Distinguished Visiting Eli Lilly Professor of Religion at Berea College in Kentucky.

While at Westminster, he has served during the summers as Visiting Theologian at the Church of the Holy Cross in Hilo, Hawai’i, and most recently as Senior Minister of the Bukit Doa International Church in Indonesia on the Island of Bali.

You may learn more about him by accessing his personal Internet website at www.cliffordchalmerscain.com.