Westminster Women's Basketball Has Great Colorado Experience

Westminster Women's Basketball Has Great Colorado Experience

Westminster women's basketball traveled to Colorado Dec. 19- Dec. 22 to face Pac-12 opponent Colorado. Despite the team's loss, the squad took away a great experience. Sophomore guard Lydia Hale kept a daily photo blog of each day, detailed below. 


"This morning at 4:15 am the Westminster basketball team started their four-day journey to Colorado by heading to the St. Louis airport. We were all very tired, so we got another hour of sleep on the way. We checked our luggage and waited to board our flight. 

We made it to Denver Colorado with all of our luggage and waited for the renal vans to head out for lunch. Had some great team bonding using each other as pillows waiting for the vans. 

We had a big meal at Perkins to fuel up from the flight. One of our team's favorites is getting breakfast at any time of day. After we checked into our hotel we had some down time to relax, take a nap, go to the hot tub, or shop. Then we all went to Dave and Buster's and had some fun together playing games and eating some more food. 

There were a lot of different games, but we all had a lot of fun, and received prizes at the end. 

We all went back to our rooms to get some good rest to prepare for tomorrow's activities. 

Wednesday December 20, 2017, we ate breakfast and had some time to rest. 

Then we headed out to Red Robin for lunch. Then some of us went to see the new Star Wars, some saw The Greatest Showman, and some went to the mall. 

Then we left for practice at the University of Colorado to get some work in before the game. 

Thursday was game day. We had some down time to rest and prepare for the game with our goals in mind. We relaxed in the hot tub and let our bodies rest, so we could be ready to go hard. 

Even though we didn't play very hard the first half of the game, we came out strong in the second half and met some of our goals and play tough and together. 

We decided to save some money on a hotel and have a good time staying up and seeing a movie to pass the time before our flight early in the morning, although when we reached the airport the tiredness crept in and we all crashed on the floor waiting for our flight home to see our families. We had a great trip overall and developed as a team playing a bigger school. Opportunities like this help develop growth and togetherness as a team."