2016 Student-Athlete Questionnaire with Extras

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This questionnaire is specifically for CURRENT student-athletes at Westminster. If you are a recruit, please visit here.

ex: Name is Andrew, but I go by Drew
If your name is complicated for some, please provide a pronunciation for us.
Please provide your handle ONLY if you are okay with us tagging you in posts.
Women please put N/A
What year are you in your athletic eligibility (Fr., So., Jr., Sr.)? Ex: I am a sophomore academically, but this is my first year playing a sport, so I am a freshman athletically.
Please write how you would like them listed on website and in the media guides. Ex: Bob and Sarah Hodge
Please list from oldest to youngest
If you have the contact information, please provide as well
Ex: 2014 All-Conference First Team, 2014 Conference Champions, 2014 Dean's List, etc.
Ex: Dean's List- Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Be thorough with this answer. It may be in the media guide and possibly used elsewhere

Now on to the fun questions for your media guide! Please take the answers seriously, but have fun. They will go in print, so please make your answers appropriate for your parents and grandparents to read.

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