Student-Athlete Questionnaire

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This questionnaire is specifically for CURRENT student-athletes at Westminster. If you are a recruit, please visit  here .

ex: Name is Andrew but I go by Drew
Please provide phonetic spelling of first or last name. For example: My name is Alysha; phonetic spelling is uh-LEE-shuh
Put your handle only if you are okay with the athletic department tagging you in a post.
Women put N/A
Ex: Summer Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball teams
What year are you in your athletic career (Fr., So., Jr., Sr.)? Ex: I am a sophomore academically, but this is my first year playing a sport so I am a freshman athletically.
Please write how you would like them listed on the website and in the media guides. Ex: Bob and Sarah Hodge
Please list from oldest to youngest
If you have their contact information, please provide as well
Ex: 2014 All-Conference First Team, 2014 Conference Champions, etc.
Ex: Dean's List- Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Be thorough with this answer.
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