2015-16 SAAC Executive Board 
President- Tayisah Pohtos (Women’s Soccer)
Vice President- Blake Stonecipher (Golf)
Secretary- Bailey Mitchell (Women’s Basketball)
Treasurer/SGA Liaison- Kayla Reeg (Volleyball)
Adivsor- Julie Moses
FAR- Karen Tompson-Wolfe

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

 Sport  Team Representatives    Faculty Representative(s)  
 Baseball   Blake Strebler 

 Jim Concannon
 Bill Carner 

 Basketball (M)  Jordan Jones
 Tanner Cochran
 Linda Webster
 Basketball (W)

 Bailey Mitchell
 River Remis 

 Cliff Cain
 Cheerleading  Kaitlyn Sampson  
 Cross Country (M)  TBA  Mary Majerus
 Cross Country (W)   Alex Rauscher
 Jessie Kuykendall  
 Mary Majerus
 Dance  Karley Long  
 Football  Isaiah Ruhman
 Tobias Gibson
 Catherine Pesce 
 Golf (M)

 Blake Stonecipher
 Clayton Harrison 
 Brendan Smith 

 Jillian Stupiansky
 Soccer (M)  Tanner Touslee  Bob Hansen
 Soccer (W)  Morgan Henry
 Tayisah Pohtos
 Ali Perry 
 Elise Bartley
 Softball   Brittany Hodge 
 Amber Tepen 
 Cinnamon Brown
 Tennis (M)  Pete Hasenmueller  Ted Jaeger
 Tennis (W)  Ellen Woolsey  Ted Jaeger
 Track & Field (M)  TBA  Ann-Marie Thompson
 Track & Field (W)  TBA       Ann-Marie Thompson
 Volleyball  Kayla Reeg
 Hannah Marshall 
 Jeff Mayne
 Sports Information       Kylie Huck  
 General Reps  Bree Peterson
 Liz Carthen 
 Nolan Wood 


The Blue Jay Oath

As Westminster Blue Jay Student-Athletes, we pledge to:

• Pursue excellence in the classroom and in competition;
• Hold ourselves to the highest standards of sportsmanship;
• Demonstrate strong character and accountability for our conduct;
• Take pride in Westminster College;
• Honor and uphold the traditions of our institution;
• Appreciate the privilege of wearing Blue and White;
• Embrace the different and unique perspectives we each bring to our team and institution;
• Support our fellow student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence;
• Be positive role models for our community;
• Lead with integrity, fairness, respect and responsibility in all of our actions.
We represent Westminster College.

I am a BLUE JAY!