Westminster Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination

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Thank you for your nomination for the Westminster Athletics Hall of Fame. We are excited to add to the Hall of Fame and love that you want to help us add to and share the history of Westminster! 

Here are the requirements:

Student‐Athlete Criteria:
‐ Graduate of Westminster College.
‐ Five years removed from completion of athletic eligibility.
‐ Must have demonstrated outstanding athletic achievement or leadership in the sport(s) in which they participated.
‐ Represented Westminster in a positive fashion both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus.

Coaches, Administrators and Contributors Criteria:
‐ Have conducted themselves in a fashion such as to bring credit to Westminster College for a minimum of five years.
- Three years removed from position with Westminster athletics.
‐ Demonstrated exemplary service and/or contributions to the growth and development of the Westminster College athletic programs.

Team Criteria:
‐ Brought recognition and prominence to Westminster College.
‐ Five years removed from the season in which the team is being recognized.
‐ The induction of a team shall not prohibit the separate induction of one or more of its members.


The following questions pertain to the nominee. We will take your information at the bottom.

Please indicate whether you are nominating a student-athlete, a coach/staff member or a team.

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If the nominee does not receive this award this year, please note they will be added to next year's list for two years.

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